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Story Marketing Course: The Easiest Way To Get New Clients And Customers - No Experience Is Necessary

Story Marketing Course


Everyone of our alumni was once in your position - wanting a pay rise / promotion / better knowledge (or all three!)

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Dean Seltzer, Vienna Institute of Further Education, October 2020

Story Marketing Course Overview

This online brand story marketing course is about creating an irresistible, satisfying, fulfilling, story marketing plan that authentically shares who you are as a company and connects with customers who want what you sell or serve.

It harnesses the power of storytelling.

It then blends it with the expert messaging of your company and the intent of your marketing plan.

It then delivers to the customer an experience that will attract their attention and encourage them to follow your call to action.

Customers are the reason businesses exist, survive, grow, and thrive.

Story marketing is about all of you: your company and your customers.

Cultures both ancient and modern have strong storytelling traditions.

Early stories were essential to human survival by what they told us.

The story was simple.

Fire hot, do not touch.
Fire hot, good for warmth.
We like warmth.
We need warmth to survive cold night.
Fire hot, good for cooking.

Cooked food tastes good.
Better than raw food.

Big animal, danger.

Little animal, food.

Story Marketing For The Customer: It is about them

  • For years, business owners have claimed to know this.
  • Customers are the reason businesses exist, survive, grow, and thrive.
  • Customers buy products, defend against competitors, boost profits and bring in new business through the powerful word-of-mouth endorsement.
  • Yet for years, businesses that claimed to know ‘the customer is always right’ followed the exact opposite philosophy in their marketing.
  • Messages were all about product or price point or company values.
  • The customer was evident only in the implied message that they would be lucky to have this product/service/opportunity.
  • So much for it being about them!
  • In fact, the resultant brand experience is about all of you: your company and your customers.

As in any story, the plot unfolds, and interest builds through the existence and actions of characters.

As human brains and societies evolved, stories became more complex and more versatile.

Stories shared knowledge, increased wealth, secured political power and revolutionized economies.

Stories entertained, changed attitudes, awakened passions, and recorded history.

Stories took humans to the moon and to the depths of their souls.

Stories continue to do all of these things, in an increasing variety of ways — through print, audio, video, social media, visual art, and music, to name a few — as we continue our evolution.

Our brains are wired to share and process information as an emotional experience through storytelling.

Information presented as a story has the power to inform, influence and motivate.

Story marketing is the process of attracting and engaging customers through story – their story, rather than yours.

Instead of the ‘buy our product’ messages of typical marketing campaigns, storytelling tells the customer story and motivates them to connect with your company as a solution to their problem or a way to a better life.

This online course will highlight the essentials of telling compelling stories for your small business: tools, storytelling basics, and how to write and refine your own story for marketing to your target audience.

Story Marketing Course Benefits

This Online Brand Story Marketing Course Will Help You Teach You How To:

  • Define story and brand storytelling marketing
  • Use online formats, including blog posts, video and other media to vastly increase the positive brand experience
  • Discover how to tell stories – and why telling stories is crucial
  • Recognize and use the essential tools of both written and visual storytelling
  • Understand the “central character” concept, thus avoiding complete failure
  • Remove pain points for both current and potential customers, by understanding the buyer persona
  • Understand the basics of good storytelling
  • Characterize your customer’s pain points.
  • Examine ways to connect with your customers
  • Refine your company brand for both inbound marketing and outbound
  • Discover and build your own story
  • Polish your story for maximum results
  • Become the online authority for your ideal customer

You Will Discover How To:

  • Tell your product’s story
  • Tell your personal story
  • Tell your customer how to get involved in your story
  • Use charts and graphs to help you take data and tell a visual story with the rise and fall of it.

Your personalized, verified, course certificate will be available at the end of the course.

Story Marketing Course Content

Stories always create emotions

Whether it’s anger, happiness or frustration, stories make people feel something.

This is because buying decisions are 20% logical and 80% emotional.


  • A study by the NY Times found that a compelling story is always shared more often
  • Using scarcity and urgency in just one visual story helped one entrepreneur boost sales by 332%
  • Playing to specific types of emotion can boost your chances of ‘going viral’

Story Marketing Course Modules

Story Marketing Toolkit

In this session, you will examine the essential ingredients of an authentic story campaign and evaluate your company’s ‘toolkit’ to reach the ideal customer, by removing their pain points.

Storytelling Essentials – Creating Your Brand Story

Next, you will learn the basics of good storytelling, how to create the story structure and how to apply those strategies to your campaign.

Connecting with Customers – Tell Stories

Then, you will examine your customers, who are both your target audience and the hero of your story, learning where to find them and how to engage them.

Refining Your Brand

Next, you will conduct an inventory and review of your company brand, getting it ready to deliver and complement your story structure.

Building Your Brand Story

Then, you will get started on your brand story, identifying the theme, characters, message and plotline and creating the first draft.

Polishing Your Brand Story

Finally, we will explore the revision and editing processes, honing your first draft into an effective marketing piece.


Companies sell solutions to external problems. Customers buy solutions to internal problems.
– Donald Miller

You Will Receive:

  • A thorough understanding of how to become a successful brand story marketing expert
  • Fully personalized and verified certificates
  • All learning materials are included and you can return to the program to get additional professional development and career support to develop more fully your personal career plans.
  • Our Business School has been delivering transformational, high-quality business and management education for over a century, training some of the finest minds in the world to huge successes with the latest business techniques.
  • The course work is broken up into manageable bite-sized modules, without incremental deadlines, designed to help you pace yourself over the duration of the course and allow you work when it suits you best.
  • All of our noncredit courses are instructor-led online: this online format allows you to take classes from anywhere with an internet connection – this is perfect for international students, especially those with a poor internet connection at home, as the modules are very fast loading, designed to work fully with even the slowest internet connection.
  • Your diploma certificate is issued as part of our fully verified, personalized certificate program and we are a registered education provider.
  • There is no exam required to obtain your certificate.
  • Your course certificates can be added instantly to LinkedIn and other social media accounts, to greatly help you find potential leading employers.
  • Your verified, personalized course certificates are always included in our tuition rates.
  • Your career pathway is clearly set, whilst putting you in direct control of your education!

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