Online Course FAQ’s

Questions? See our FAQ to get answers to your most important questions.

And our Student Services Support is available to you at all times, too.



All courses are available at all times to you.

You can start, pause and continue at any time.

Our online courses demonstrate to your present and future employers that you have full current knowledge of your chosen topics, taught by a trusted international institution

Always include your training on your CV / resume, posting your Certificate to your online profiles such as LinkedIn.

Yes – this is an essential part of our Institute.

All of our courses have previously been classroom taught and have been transcribed for online study, after being peer-reviewed once more.

Many courses are totally free.

We also have discounted courses – these are priced much lower than we would normally charge for “in-person” courses in our Institutes.

Due to the pandemic, all “in-person” courses are currently suspended and you can only take our courses online.

All discounted courses still receive a verified, individually personalized, certificate.

Your chosen course is available to you immediately.

You have unrestricted access 24 hours a day, every day of the year, wherever you are in the world.

Your verified, individually personalized, certificate is available for download immediately after you fully complete each course.

Besides downloading this, you can also put your certificate online immediately, including on LinkedIn.

You also get a unique secure link, so that employers etc can verify your certificate at any time – we suggest that you always add this link to your CV / resume!

Note: The Digital Education Action Plan of the European Commission (EC) encourages secure digital certificates and we fully support the initiative to replace paper-based documents with more modern, more secure, alternatives. 

If you should ever need a hard copy of your certificate, we recommend you to print it with a high-quality printer. 

Both the digital certificate and your personal printout are fully and equally valid.


Sadly, these days many organizations have chosen to charge extra for course certificates.

We never have and never will charge you for your course certificate.

Simply, you have worked for the certificate, are entitled to it and will always receive them free of any costs.

These courses take between 1 and 3 days full time in the classroom.

This includes break times, introductions etc.

For home study, we suggest you allow approx 10 to 30 minutes per module – this is an average across all modules and all courses.

You and your chosen course(s) may therefore take more time or less time, of course.

Students join our online courses for a variety of reasons and come from diverse backgrounds, professions, and age groups.

With online courses, students can

  • Advance your skill-set or begin a career change

  • Take the next step in your formal education

  • Ease the transition before entering a full-time academic program

  • Just enjoy learning a new topic

Whatever the reason, our online courses are a flexible way of learning about the world without disrupting your daily personal or business life.

We never have any pre-requisites of any sort.

Our courses are open to students of all backgrounds and ages.

All courses are conducted in English and are presented in a written format, to speed your learning.

There’s no need to stop and start videos, for example (which has been proven to greatly slow down learning!).

Although there are many benefits to online education, it cannot be said that it is the future of learning.

Human interaction is very important, and so is learning from each other.

And this is only possible when students are physically present, and there is immediate interaction among lecturers and students.

However, when there is a genuine reason for your inability to attend college, online education will always be best! 

Yes, you can!

And you can also enroll in additional courses at any time.

No further registration is needed and all of your discounted courses, with progress reports, are available in your personal, private, account page. 

Each course description includes an enrollment button.

Yes – this was the first thing we did when setting up our US premises.


All the reading materials you are required to access are included with your course.

We accept PayPal and all credit cards.

Payment is fully secure and we never see or store your credit card numbers or any other financial details.

Card payments are fully handled by 

Stripe is a PCI Service Provider Level 1, which is the highest grade of payment processing security. 

All online courses are intended to deepen your knowledge of a particular field, but cannot currently be formally applied as credits to other institutions.

However, we are actively looking to add these in the very near future. 

As a European institution, we are fully governed by the Further Education Framework of the European Union (EU). 

The Digital Education Action Plan of the European Commission (EC) strengthens digital certificates and we fully support their initiative to replace paper-based documents with more modern alternatives. Therefore, you will receive all your certificates as digital files (pdf) to store and share your qualifications more easily.

We do not send hard copies. If you need a hard copy of your certificate, we recommend you to print it with a high-quality printer. Both the digital certificate and your personal printout are fully and equally valid.


You can take our online courses via any reasonably modern computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone.

Also as the courses are mostly text, you are only downloading the minimum amount of data, keeping your page loading speeds ultra high – and any data billing costs are kept ultra low!

Having a verified Vienna Institute of Further Education course certificate on your CV / resume demonstrates that you are a highly motivated individual and that you are willing to use your initiative and are willing to undertake ongoing professional training and career development.

In today’s economic climate, understandably more and more employers value candidates who can bring these attitudes to their workplace.


You can study our courses online at any time to suit your requirements.

You can also take as long as you like to complete any course.

Our online courses are treated the same way as our classroom courses and are held to the same academic standards.

The content will be similar if not identical.

Online courses can include assignments, presentations, discussion, projects, tests, etc.

The course materials will often be reworked for online delivery, but the content remains the same.

The difficulty level of the course work is intended to be the same.

Do please understand, though, that you do not have the “imposed discipline” that accompanies a face-to-face course (for example, “the class meets in room 817 every Monday and Tuesday at 9am”), so being successful in an online course does require an extra measure of self-discipline.

Time commitment is expected to be similar between an online and a face-to-face course.

So, the main differences between an online and a face-to-face course are that scheduling of class/study time will always suit your schedule, not ours, course activities have been reworked for the online environment and no travel is required, making them more convenient for the students!

You need to determine if the advantages of online learning outweigh the disadvantages.

Advantages: Convenient, flexible, 24/7 course access, unlimited online resources, independent working schedule, green, much lower overall costs (lessons, travel, lodging etc, etc).

Disadvantage: Face-to-face contact is limited.

Generally, self-motivated, self-disciplined individuals with good reading and comprehension skills will do better in an online course than others … but this is also true of face-to-face classroom courses, too!

You can take EVERY course if you wish – there are never any extra fees!

If you have a job or family, however, it is recommended that you take 1-2 online classes at once.

That’s because if you end up taking more, it might get difficult to manage your time.

Therefore, you need to strike a balance between work, family, and education. 

Taking up online education is more convenient because you can take your classes anytime, anywhere!

All you need is a computer, phone or laptop and a working internet connection.

No, taking up online education definitely does not mean more work.

You actually get the same amount of work that you would in any traditional class.

And it’s a much easier way to learn – at your own pace, not that of your classmates!

Sorry to hear that – please contact our Student Services Support team and they will help you very quickly!

We update the FAQ frequently and your questions really help us deliver the best possible service to our students.