Announcement of Re-Opening


The Dean and Faculty have agreed to re-open the Vienna Institute of Further Education Business School as an online-only Institute With Immediate Effect

We are very pleased to announce our re-opening.

All courses are certificated in the student’s personal name, with a full online checking system for employers etc.

This follows the worldwide pandemic and the resultant disruption, which makes education in physical classes almost impossible.

In addition, as many travel restrictions will continue for some months – both for students and for faculty staff – access to the facilities will be very difficult.

However, this also means that all courses will be considerably cheaper by 90% to reflect our lowered costs

In addition, all courses are now available to all students around the world.

We assure all students and staff that the teaching levels will be to the same high standards and that we are currently working hard to have our top business courses ready for study as soon as possible.

Our renowned Medical School will also re-open in late 2020.

Dean Stelzer