Vienna Institute of Further Education

All of our classroom courses are re-created as online courses.

This enables you to get ahead of everyone else, by studying whenever and wherever suits you best.

Whether you wish to study at home, at work, whilst commuting or at any other time and place to suit your schedule, online study is perfect for you.

All of our discounted courses have a verified, personalized, certificate issued by the Vienna Institute of Further Education and "pay as you learn" is offered on many courses.

We also have a large range of free courses.

All courses are open to anyone, anywhere in the world – there are no restrictions, as all of our online courses are designed to be easily studied regardless of slow internet speeds.


All Courses Are Peer Reviewed

Each course is always fully peer-reviewed before publication.

All Courses Are Personalized

Each discounted course is individually certificated, with the verified certificates issued in the student’s name.

All Discounted Courses Are Verified

Each individual certificate can also be verified online by a unique identity code.

Online Courses

The following courses are now ready for online students, with new ones being added weekly.

Why Learn with us?


There’s never any need to attend fixed classes.

You can study online, on a computer, tablet or cell phone – anywhere with a (even a slow!) internet connection.

All courses have been written for ease of online studying – there are no data-hogging graphics or videos to slow your learning.

Your courses certificate(s) can be

  • Added to LinkedIn (or any other social media account) – which is great for potential employers to see!
  • Verified online instantly by any college or employer
  • Displayed on your CV
  • Printed and framed for your home or office

All of our course content is carefully designed to grow your business and / or to grow your income.

Whether you wish to use the courses in your own business or to get promoted / obtain a new position, you will be cognizant with the very latest ideas, case studies, best practices, methods etc.